April 17, 2024
peaceful mind

A healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy living. To stay fit and healthy one has to follow a balanced diet which is a salient feature to be in a good state of health, proper exercise for regular functioning of body parts and sufficient sleep which is helpful in diminishing the stress, these factors collectively constitute a hygienic lifestyle.

Not only these factors are important but proper consultation of drugs and medication use is essential too, as without relevant prescription drugs and medicines can affect people in many ways. One of the major effects can be stress which has always been a major problem in middle-aged people, it is common but immoderate stress can be a sign of danger which can cause problems like restlessness and trouble sleeping. Though it cannot be abandoned yet can be set under control by learning how to keep problems in view and setting realistic expectations.

Hygienic Lifestyles

Not restricting to just one liner definition for positive lifestyle, there can be number of ways to stay fit depending upon different age groups or suitability. Few of them to follow are-

  • Always take care of including any kind of practical workout along with a healthy suitable diet plan.
  • Cut down on excess sugar or salt intake.
  • Avoid all kinds of soda drinks as much as possible.
  • Switch to seasonal fruits and vegetables for snack time.
  • Include good fat and rich protein foods in every meal.
  • Portion size must always be considered while having different food items.
  • Reduce both smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Whole foods will maintain fiber intake helpful in daily body regulations.
  • Taking good amount of sound sleep.
  • Work upon anger management and improve patience levels.

All above bullets may be considered while staying on healthy journey but not restricted to everyone. While following these measures might seem difficult to follow at first but once on the track, maintaining same progress is even more challenging in the long run.

peaceful mind

Restraining Factors:

Owing to fast and competitive life, work-life imbalance is being faced by several people now days. More attention is paid in earning money rather than spending on one’s wellbeing. Furthermore, the pandemic hit brought a drastic change in people’s lifestyle recently. Minimal socializing and restricted growth were the main factors affecting both mental and physical peace for maximum population. Continuous staying at home with limited outlook of future created disturbances in terms of motivational approaches ultimately affecting physical health.