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10 Most Popular Air Conditioner Brands in India 2021

Indian summer is cruel. If you are looking out for a good AC with great cooling technology, you must consider the best brands that manufacture excellent ACs. Read this article to know more.

With the sultry summer already invading the Indian climate, we cannot help but think about the right kind of air conditioners to install our houses. While buying a product, there are a number of factors that we should keep in mind, starting from the brand to the latest technologies used, every little thing counts. So, here is a list to help you with your decision of choosing the right air conditioner. 

  1. Haier Air Conditioners: With a wide range of collections at some of the best prices, Haier is one of India’s best brands ruling the air conditioner market. This Chinese electronics and home appliance company has made a mark with the quality of its products.

    The Haier AC range has a number of features like some of the products have wi-fi control and voice control, some have self-clean technology, some also have a built-in air purifier. Their starting price ranges from 23,000 INR up to 45,000 INR.

    From window ACs to split ACs, their sleek and elegant designs, latest features, and technology will fulfill most of your requirements. Their most popular seller is the 1.5 ton 3Star split AC.

  2. LG Air Conditioners: Starting from just 20,000 INR, the LG ACs have been in the Indian market for a long time. Their latest range of products comes with a super convertible 5 in 1 cooling, inbuilt air purifier with PM 1.0 sensor and ionizer.

    The products also have voice control and additional UV Nanotechnology, and anti-virus protection. Their best seller is the 1.5 ton 5Star Inverter Split AC models.

  3. Blue Star Air Conditioners: Along with split and window ACs Blue Star is also leading the Indian AC market with its portable AC. These portable ACs are compact in design, convenient, efficient, and also prove to be hassle-free while moving.

    Other than this range of products, Blue Star’s ACs provide comfortable cooling due to its highly rotary compressor. The products have the latest technology and new features include the sleep mode and anti-freeze thermostat. The brand promises you quality, reliability, and dependability and lives up to its promises.

  4. Daikin Air Conditioners: Daikin’s air conditioners are divided into four major categories according to their usage- residential, commercial, industrial, and cold chain solutions. The brand is famous for its split AC range, which comes in modern designs, and provides exceptional cooling.

    The great energy-saving technology and 10-year warranty on the Inverter Compressor make Daikin ACs a favorable choice. Daikin ACs are slightly over-engineered for more efficiency and can serve for 15+ years. The price range of Daikin products falls under 25,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

  5. Voltas Air Conditioners: Voltas air conditioner comes in not only various sizes but also in various shapes, like, cassette ACs, slimline ACs, along with regular windows and split AC. Their price range varies within 32,000 INR and 50,000 INR. The brand’s best-seller is the 1.5 ton 5Star Inverter Split AC

    The products provide comfortable cooling and have eco-friendly refrigerants. Their multi-stage filtration promises a safe cooling experience for you and your family. Other features include self-cleaning, sleep mode, and instant cooling. 

  6. Hitachi Air Conditioners: Hitachi air conditioners provide comfort and happy cooling to your family at the best price. Over the years this Japanese brand has successfully gained the trust of its Indian consumers and is now on the top list.

    Their best seller is an ln energy-efficient 1.5 ton 3Star split AC. The brand uses improved technology and advanced features in its ACs. Their latest range of products uses the iSee and iSense for smart air conditioning.

    You can also use your smartphone to control the AC using voice control. To ensure maximum cooling comfort, there is also an image sensor in the products to detect the number of people, the room shape and size, and cools accordingly.

  7. Lloyd Air Conditioners: Lloyd is another trusted brand of air conditioners in India. The air conditioner prices start from 30,000 INR and go up to 48,000 INR. Their products have a stronger and more efficient cooling effect and come with built-in wi-fi. The air is highly purified by its dust filters.

    The ACS has a sleek design and is energy efficient. They have a huge variety of windows, split, cassette, tower, and portable ACs. The products’ eco-friendly refrigerant and corrosion resistance make them a preferable choice.

  8. Whirlpool Air Conditioners: Whirlpool has come with a number of new and cool features to make their air conditioners a hit in the present market. Their window ACs come with 6th Sense Energy Saver Technology that can sense the temperature of a room and provide instant and comfortable cooling.

    The other features include auto restart, turbo cool, MPFI technology, and so on. The split ACs are also fantastic with the 3D cool technology, 6th Sense Intellicomfort, dual-fan compressor technology, long air throw, and so on. The price range for this brand varies between 30,000 INR and 45,000 INR.

  9. Godrej Air Conditioners: Godrej promises to provide you with comfortable cooling and at the same time save the planet. The air conditioners are generally priced between 27,000 INR and 45,000 INR.

    Their products come with in-built intelligence and are eco-friendly. The latest collection of products include both split and window ACs with an auto-restart facility. The best seller under the brand right now is a 1 ton 5Star split inverter AC.

  10. Panasonic Air Conditioners: Panasonic provides a wide range of air conditioning solutions for you and your family. It uses nanoe-G, a unique purifying system to provide you with safe, cool air.

    Even though the price range is higher than the other brands mentioned in this list, yet the product is worth every penny you spent. The products have voice control and twin cool inverter to ensure consistent cooling. The 100% guaranteed copper makes the machines durable and strong.

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