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3 Staggering Ways to Secure cPanel Account

Secure cPanel Account – If hackers are unable to access your website directly, they will attack your server space. It is because all the files are stored there. And the most convenient way is to break in through the cPanel account. Therefore protecting your website is not enough. You need to discover ways to secure a cPanel account and take the necessary steps.

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Here is exactly how you can safeguard your cPanel account from any intruder or hacker to make your website hard to hack.

Implement Basic Security Measures

Try not to use common passwords and take some basic security measures to avoid getting into trouble with your cPanel getting hacked. Your carelessness can make the job easier for hackers. Therefore don’t fall into such kind traps.

You can take these basic precautions to secure a cPanel account:

Enable a Firewall

cPanel connects you to various services. Hence make sure no malicious hacking tool passes your cPanel account. So all you need is to install a firewall. The most popular firewall is ConfigServer Security and CSF Firewall.

  • Install an Antivirus Software

Your server space can be affected by viruses that can destroy your website files. To prevent it from happening, you can install antivirus software. There are so many popular options that exist. You can ask your web hosting provider for any recommendations.

Secure Your cPanel Entry Points:

You can secure a cPanel account by increasing the security of your cPanel entry points. Moreover, it lets you secure your server space by making it harder to break into. You can increase the security of your cPanel access points by:

  • Change the SSH Port Number 

You can gain remote access to the cPanel account through Secure Shell (SSH). Thus a hacker can also do so. Hence securing should be your top priority. To make it secure, you can change the port number and update the latest version of SSH.

  • Disable Anonymous FTP:

The cPanel allows the users to anonymously use FTP (file transfer protocol) and gain access to the server’s files. Hence anyone can put a file on your hosting server without revealing their identity. So it is very important to disable anonymous FTP access on the cPanel settings.

Keep all the Inside Secure

Everything depends on how you can keep your cPanel secure from the outside and safeguard it from the inside.

  • Increase Security of Apache:

Apache is the best web server software essential for cPanel to work properly. Therefore you must secure it since hackers can use it to access your cPanel account. Install ModSecurity to protect Apache. It will enable you to update your server’s Apache installation safely.

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