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5 Reasons Buying a Penthouse is Worth the Money

From studios to apartments, townhouses and villas, there are different types of residences available in Dubai. However, if you are seeking an ultra-exclusive and lavish experience that offers spectacular views along with top-notch amenities, there can’t be a better option than a penthouse.

These residential units are nestled on the top floors of residential towers. What makes them even more special is that they are laced with luxury fittings and state of the art amenities and conveniences. There are abundant options available for penthouses in numerous communities in Dubai. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to opt for a penthouse that’s part of waterfront development.

Of course, these dwellings are costly as compared to other apartments, but the value they offer makes them completely worth it. Take a look at top reasons why buying a penthouse in Dubai is a wise decision:

A Luxury Residence

Penthouses are often considered the epitome of luxury. These are basically stylish living spaces that are preferred by the rich and affluent. As stated above, these residences are adorned with the latest fittings and furnishings. Furthermore, residents of penthouses get access to some exclusive amenities and facilities. In most residential buildings, every room in the penthouse comes with a small terrace that lets residents enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the mesmerising views of the city.

Unobstructed Views

Speaking of the views, it goes without saying that the skyline of Dubai presents a majestic vision. And if you live in waterfront development, the views you get to enjoy are certainly breathtaking. But, if you live in an apartment or a villa, you wouldn’t be able to get mesmerised by these views as they will be blocked from view by other buildings and structures.

This is where penthouses score over brownie points. Unlike apartments and other types of residential properties, they are not obstructed by the tallest structures. As a resident of a penthouse, you can enjoy clear views of Dubai’s skyline and the surrounding areas since these units are located on the top floor.  

Outdoor Space

As stated above, penthouses usually come with terraces or balconies. This is one aspect that’s missing with most apartments found in the emirate.

Open terraces come with numerous perks. They make for a place to set up a small patio. It will be an ideal place where you can enjoy your breakfast or evening snacks when the weather is pleasant. You can also do gardening here.

Enhanced Privacy and Peace

Another factor that’s missing with most of the apartments in Dubai is privacy. With multiple units on a single floor, there’s always a feeling of being heard or watched by your neighbours. Also, the aggravated traffic condition has resulted in a higher level of noise pollution. Hearing the noise of cars honking during peak hours is certainly not a pleasant experience when you are trying to rest in your apartment after a tiring day at work.

With penthouses, there’s no such issue. Firstly, there’s only one or, maximum, two penthouses located on a single floor. Therefore, there’s no privacy concern. Secondly, as these units are located on top-most storeys, the traffic noise below doesn’t reach them.

Suitable for Investors

Although costly, penthouses are considered suitable for investors. This is because of the reason that the demand for these abodes always remains stable. Since they are preferred by the rich and affluent only, a dip in the economy or an overall slump in the real estate sector doesn’t really have a great impact on these properties.

An even better opportunity for investors is to buy a penthouse part of an off-plan development. As these developments are not completely constructed, the rates are comparatively low. For example, property rates in Dubai Marina are extremely high, and buying a penthouse here is extremely tough. However, you can choose an off-plan project, such as Stella Maris Tower and get yourself a luxury penthouse without breaking the bank. The best part? It is a waterfront project. Therefore, it comes with an added bonus of striking water views right from your penthouse’s windows.

A Final Word

To sum it up, if you are looking to buy a property in Dubai, it’s recommended to sort offers for penthouses for sale. This is one decision you are surely not going to regret, provided you are making it after thorough research, deliberation and consideration.



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