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How To Market Yourself as a Realtor on Social media?

We know you will agree with us if we say we live two lives nowadays. One in the real world and the other is in the virtual world. Of course, I’m talking about social media.

Yes, it’s a tool. The productivity of any tool depends on how it is being used. You may very well use it for posting selfies and connecting with friends and family, but it’s a well-established fact in the current scenario that it is a powerful tool for business owners too. 

Literally, all are in this web world. In one avatar or in another. But the presence is there. So being the best real estate social media marketing agency you are looking at billions of potential customers, just a good marketing strategy.

Now, the question is how to market yourself as a realtor on social media. There are certain steps to mark your presence. Let’s have a look.

How to market yourself as a Realtor on Social media?

All the industries are using social media to the best of their capabilities so it becomes very hard to reach your potential buyer. A well-crafted social media strategy can be the best way to solve this problem. The first step should be to prepare a buyer’s persona and pick one or two social media platforms best suited for the real estate business. The second step could be to plan a content calendar and advertisement smartly. Don’t forget to monitor your metrics. 

Want an exact roadmap on how to market yourself as a Realtor on Social media? here is the secret –

  • Take advantage of Facebook group and marketplace

Create a Facebook page for your real estate business, find some helpful groups related to that. Join those groups and deliver informative content, short video clips, or some industry-related tidbits that your potential clients may be looking for. Adding value, sharing information are the best way to grow organically on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace can also be a great way to market yourself as a realtor.

  • Use Instagram  for collaboration

Instagram is a visual-based platform, high-quality photos with relevant content and proper hashtag are the keys to crack  Instagram. Realtors can collaborate with other brands and promote their services. Post short video clips, Instagram reel to life to your real estate business. 

  • Promote your Brand on Twitter:

Twitter is the place where a realtor can find genuine influencers for their brand, tag them in your tweet, share their content. This will help you to get more visibility to your potential buyers. Promote your brand by using the same logo and color palette you follow. 

  •  Run Paid Social media ads :

Though you can grow your social media presence organically but paid social media ads can give you quick results. Running a targeted campaign help will a realtor get some quality leads very soon. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube offers the benefit of running a paid ads. Realtors can run carousel ads to show properties to potential buyers.

  • Use Youtube 

Youtube is a video-based platform. A  realtor can take advantage of video marketing, share how-to videos, market updates, interviews in your channels. Include all agency information in the about section. Make sure your youtube channels look as professional as your website. Create keyword-optimized titles and use a proper call-to-action button to connect with your audience.

  • Use Pinterest wisely:

Often people treat Pinterest as just a  social media platform, but it is a search engine too. A realtor should analyze the Pinterest SEO, it can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website. Create a board, start pinning content around the niche, use the proper hashtag to get more reach are the secrets of Pinterest marketing. 

Wrapping up

Well, you are informed about everything you need to know about how to market yourself as a Realtor on social media. You may like to hire a social media marketing agency, they will guide you professionally. Potential homebuyers are checking real estate-related Facebook pages or Instagram handles to judge their authenticity.  So to be at the top of the game, take care of your social media strategy and brand presence  Social media for real estate is a win-win situation for both, home buyers and realtors.



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