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Leverage AdvancedMD EHR for Enhanced TeleVisits

The covid-19 pandemic has caused us to change our reality and how we function in society. The new laws regarding lockdowns, social-distancing, and staying indoors have changed the way people see things and how businesses work. Every organization has gone through changes and adapted to them accordingly. For example, Universities and schools have shifted to online class sessions and changed the way students were previously graded on their assignments. 

Similarly, other industries like the Healthcare industry have gone through the most. Though the healthcare industry did not slow down. But actually got faster during this tough time, there were still areas of it that did suffer. Such as small clinics and independent practices that run on clients coming in on a daily basis did not experience the same inflows of patients due to social distancing laws, capacity restrictions, and even fear. 

As we all know that EHR systems have brought a huge difference in how the industry works and have brought a positive change by integrating Information technology in daily practice to make it more efficient. The EHR software played a great role in helping Users to survive during this tough time and also helped patients in being satisfied with their healthcare needs by enabling them to stay connected to their doctors in a safe-distanced environment via TeleVisits. We have shortlisted a few reasons why AdvancedMD is one of the best EMR software to avail TeleVisits services from.

AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD EHR software has been providing a large network of professionals, healthcare services for a long time. These services mainly include the Electronic Health Records service, which allows users to store large amounts of patient data virtually without keeping physical copies of it. Not maintaining a physical record saves a lot of costs and helps eliminate the use of paper. The software provides its users a complete set of solutions for them to work efficiently in their practice. 

AdvancedMD EHR Software Features


AdvancedMD EHR software provides its users with remote connectivity by offering them apps on their smartphones or tablets. This has helped users easily stay connected with the system to access information whenever or wherever they would desire, just with the connection of the internet. 

Electronic Health Records

The software offers its users Electronic Health Records services which allow them to store and maintain patient records and patient health history. The software services can be deployed within the practice on a cloud-based system as well as on an on-premise fixed system. The cloud-based system allows users to store data on an online database. This allows them to easily store as much data as they want easily without the tension of falling short on storage. 

The cloud-based system also helps users to afford the software easily and install it at a low price. Moreover, the cloud-based software helps users to have more accessibility to their data as the system becomes remote and can be accessed from anywhere. This helps users to a great extent as they can carry out TeleVisits easily with the availability of patient information at all times. 

Patient Portal

The software is also well-equipped with a patient portal which allows patients and doctors to remain in touch and in contact all the time. This has enabled patients to get their questions and queries easily answered by simply talking to their doctors online. The patient portal has also helped users and doctors easily share information and documents such as test results, images, prescriptions, and overall improving their TeleVisits.


The software also has an e-prescription system that has allowed users to easily share prescriptions with pharmacies and also control the flow of controlled drugs. The software has allowed users to easily order medication simply through the e-prescription module. 

Medical Billing

The medical billing software provides a complete solution for users to deal with their financial data. The billing is made easy as the software also supports ICD-10 coding can easily generate bills even for patient TeleVisits. The medical billing software helps users to easily maintain their revenue cycles and helps them in reducing the collection times and maximizing their profit. 

These are the few reasons why AdvancedMD EHR Software maximizes efficiency through TeleVisits. Visit, FindEMR to find the best EHR Software for your practice.



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