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The Role Extracurricular Activities Play in School Academic Experience

Since the beginning of the 21st century, modern day schools have changed their vision towards education and now have started focusing on the holistic development of every student. For that, every child needs to learn beyond subjects. That is where extracurricular activities come into the picture. Extracurricular activities are designed to generate the academic and social skills, ethical values, character check and the overall personality development of students.

These activities have turned out to be a fundamental component in any child’s growth and development, as they teach them skills that is needed for success. These include communication and leadership skills, time management and teamwork.

At Pranav International School, we believe that every activity in the school has a huge impact on the child’s growth. Extracurricular activities are equally important, as academics, for the overall development of students. Our curriculum is designed to have a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, as it enhances the learning process of students at school.

Here are few benefits of extracurricular activities inculcated in schools.

  1. Academic performance is enhanced

Schools tend to merge extracurricular activities with academics, which guarantees that students get to study and learn concepts more efficiently. Activities like various competitions, science experiments, mathematics club are part of extracurricular activities. The students who participate in them are more likely to score better grades because the skills they acquire from participating in them can be used during their core academic subjects. Students learn many problem-solving skills, memory and creativity-based skills, organizational skills and they are able to express themselves in a better way due of these activities.

2 .Improves time management skills

From playing a sport to writing an examination, time management is a skill for a lifetime. Students who participate in extracurricular activities need to understand the importance of time management as they have to maintain a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. They learn how to efficiently divide their time so they can study, play and manage to be productive during their free time as well. At Pranav International School, we train our students how to manage time, therefore, helping them in laying the foundations for skills which will assist them at further stages of their education and in the steps, they will take post-education.

3. Personality Development

Extracurricular activities in schools help students in sharpening their expressions, communication and public speaking skills. Moreover, students feel a sense of belongingness through various activities like creative competitions, debates, recitation, classroom activities like reading, group discussions. At Pranav International School, we make sure our students learn different skill sets that will develop their overall personalities, improve self-confidence and learn habits that could stay with them for a lifetime.

3 .Cultivating physical and mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how important it is to prioritise our physical and mental health. Due to extracurricular activities, students can stay active and fit at school by participating in activities like sports, aerobics, indoor games, yoga, meditation and many more. These activities have proven to be beneficial for students’ physical health as well as mental wellbeing, effectively reducing their academic stress. Moreover, these activities are planned in groups so that students can participate along with their classmates, which helps them in developing leadership skills, team integrity and coordination skills.

4 .Inculcating ethical and cultural values

By participating in activities like debates, essay or speech competitions, students read and learn many essential moral values about different events, religions and cultures of national and international importance as well as discipline and school life ethics. At Pranav International School, we ensure our students understand moral values and inculcate qualities like patience, empathy, compatibility, contentment, social ethics and motivational skills. We also ensure to celebrate all national and traditional cultural events including Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, as well as Diwali, Eid, Christmas and many other cultural events. Apart from studying about these events in their curriculum, this exposure provides students with better understanding and learning.

At Pranav International School, we provide our students with an array of extracurricular opportunities. Firstly, are the athletics & sports teams, that encourage a healthy lifestyle, improves communication skills and brings them together as a team.
Second are the student body bodies like the debate team or student representation for school or classroom activities, which are all great ways to showcase a desire for leadership, responsibility and to develop problem-solving skills.

Third are the culture-based clubs that include dance, music, art, languages and drama. Being creative is a key asset for education and further growth. Students involved with this club tend to be highly social, creative thinkers and are have the talent of approaching situations from a different perspective.

To conclude, we see how enriching extracurricular activities are in a student’s life. Those who choose to participate, tend to improve their social skills by meeting new people, learn various life skills, experience a sense of commitment, develop self-esteem and confidence, which turns out to be beneficial in finding better career opportunities.



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