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Top 5 medical Apps for Doctors and Their Benefits

Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibilities. In tough times like current days, the duty of a doctor doubles up. Jobs like checking the patients every day, keeping their records, staying in touch with the advancements, there is a lot that a doctor does. Life is tough, but thanks to technical advancements, there are many medical apps for doctors that sort their work and keep them managed. 

The world has digitalized a lot more now than ever! Almost every person uses a smartphone which is a world in itself. From general consultation to ordering medicines, one can do everything through these apps. Not just the patients but doctors also can benefit a lot as they can automate all their processes. By keeping appointment schedules on the app, the doctors can choose to send reminders through the app, keep records of their patients online and trace them as and when required. 

Top 5 medical apps for doctors

If you search online, there are hundreds of medical apps for doctors. However, not all of them are equally useful. Here’s the list of 5 apps for doctors that can ease their task significantly.

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

Bajaj Finserv is a trusted name in the healthcare industry. The company launched the Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor app with the aim to provide doctors with the most convenient and user-friendly structure. It allows them to provide online, real-time consultations, keep patient records and automate the appointments. Furthermore, if a practitioner is handling the app by himself, a virtual receptionist feature can help with regular appointment calls. There are various benefits of the app for doctors:

  • Single dashboard to manage all operations
  • There is a feature to generate digital prescriptions
  • Setting automated appointment reminders
  • Invoice generation and sharing

And the list is endless. Owing to all these benefits, it is the best amongst all the medical apps for doctors.


Another well-known name in the online medical consultation world is Practo. This app helps doctors by automating all those processes that they once did manually. Doctors need to list themselves on the app, and after a careful verification process, they get dashboard access. Through this dashboard, they can start with online consultations for their patients. The highlight feature given by the app is a fixed caller ID for each patient. It is displayed as the doctor contacts the patient. It saves a lot of time by keeping unnecessary calls at bay. With this app, a doctor can:

  • Take appointments online and manage their schedules 
  • View the past records of the patient and analyze the progress
  • Allow the customers to put their feedbacks which can attract more customers


Medscape is an app used internationally by a lot of health practitioners and physicians. The app provides updates related to the latest medical news and advancements in medical society worldwide. It helps the doctors stay updated and stay in touch with the community of doctors globally. Different medicine fields like cardiology, dermatology and more come under a single roof, and the doctors can interact and get their questions answered by the experts.


Curofy helps the doctors to stay in touch with the community of doctors. It also manages their patient schedules. Thousands of medical cases get listed on the app on an everyday basis. The doctors from different places collaborate and discuss it for better treatment. Moreover, doctors can find the latest information about medicine approvals and researches that are going on in the world and stay updated! 

Other than the community collaboration, doctors can also keep their patient details on the app. Manage appointments, set automated reminders and store the patient records on the app to use and when required.


It is one of the promising medical apps for doctors. Doctors listed on Lybrate can increase their customer base by advertising their skills and getting reviews from their existing patients. The app also allows them to keep track of the patient appointments, generate prescriptions and invoices. Doctors can give personalized guidance to their patients over live consultation and help them with better diagnosis.

Other than the ones listed above, there are many other apps available for smartphones. These apps help the doctors to be readily available for their patients and keep all the information sorted and safe in the app data. Many doctors realize the importance of being in direct touch with their patients and provide them regular guidance. These apps help them provide real-time supervision and accurate diagnosis.



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