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Ultimate Guide On Men’s Casual Belts

Most of the men will have more than one belt, in that most probably there will be black as well as brown belts compulsory which suits for most of the pants. But several men don’t realize which belt is the purely functional, and mundane item that breaks their outfit.

In the market, there will be so many best leather men’s belts available in different styles. But, from all that, these leather belts will be more famous and good in quality and also perfect for outfit casual dresses. 

The perfect belt visually keeps your outfit looking good. It is one of the classic accessories for men, that gives finishing touch for a well-dressed man. If it is a wrong belt, they may get unwanted attention towards their belly and that keeps them feeling uncomfortable.

In this article, we are going to guide you about how to choose the right belt. We show you how to break the outfit with a casual belt, and also what type of belt materials will be perfect, and why.

Guide On Anatomy Of A Belt:

Most of the belts have nearly two parts, which will be called the strap and the buckle.

Most other belts will have a keeper loop and an end tip. When it comes to the end tip that will protect the belt part which is the end and that keeps it simple to buckle. 

In a few belts, when you observe buckle and strap they will be joined permanently together;  and if you see in some other belts they may be switched out. The buckle part joins the strap known as chape.

casual belts for men

What Is The Perfect Belt To Wear On Occasions?

Of all the belt types, the leather belt is one which is suitable for all kinds of dresses.

Black, as well as brown colours and leather belts, are perfect for formal dresses; and other colours may see towards the end of smart-casual formal belts like tan, oxblood, grey, white, navy, for summer.

When people wear a perfect formal belt, they need to be careful while matching their shoes with leather and also need to add metal in their entire outfit somewhere. The belt must not be the same colour and need to shine the same as shoes and with many more leather accessories. When it comes to metal buckles a similar colour with added metal accessories should be matched.

How To Get The Perfect Belt Size?

After you decide the belt you want by choosing from different types you need to decide the quality also. After that at last you must check the right size that fits you perfectly.

The belt size must be nearly 1-2 inches longer compared to the size of the pants waist. So, when you choose a 40″ size in pants, then you need to choose a 41″ to 42″ inch belt.

Rather than that, you can also work out the size of the new belt compared to the old belt. You can measure from your old belt with a buckle with the opposite end towards the strap, so you get the correct size.

These are the things you need to know about men’s casual belts. Not only these there will be different things to know when you want to buy a belt to fit your casual dress. So, if you are thinking of buying a belt, you need to check all these before you buy. You can also buy online choosing from different types, colours and brands. We hope this information about belts will be helpful for you.



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